Foam King Custom Mattresses

Custom mattresses are our specialty!  Whether it a unique size or shape, we can make it for you from the foam of your choice.  We have made round foam mattresses, extra thick foam mattresses, extremely firm foam mattresses, very soft foam mattresses, and even combo mattresses.  A combo mattress has different foams on either side of the mattress so that both people sleeping on the mattress get the comfort level that they prefer.  In a combo mattress the different foams are glued together and placed in one cover. 

How do I order a Custom Mattress?

There are numerous options of foam to choose from for those customers who want to create their own custom mattress.  We recommend that you drop by one of our store locations so that you can hand pick your foam.  Come with your mattress dimensions, including thickness in hand.  You may also choose which cover you want for your mattress.  Options range from a simple poly cotton Foam King washable fabric cover, to a beautiful Natural Bamboo cover that helps to wick away moisture.  Once you have made your decisions and placed your order please allow up to 2 weeks for your mattress to be ready for pick up at the store.  Delivery services are available but we find many of our customers are able to transport their own Custom Foam Mattresses because most foam mattresses are foldable, to some degree, and easy to put inside most medium size vehicles.


                                Custom cutting Foam              Custom Mattress Triangle Shape                 custom_text