The Duke

duke-duchess-knight-500pxThe DUKE MATTRESS is the Foam King’s most affordable, and popular mattress. It is made with 2 lb. Medium Density Polyurethane Foam that will conform to the shape of your body, using your body’s weight to provide proper support. Washable poly/cotton cover, zippered. 5 Year Warranty.

6″ Duke Mattress
(recommended for children)
SINGLE (TWIN) 6”x38”x75” $349 Buy Now
DOUBLE 6”x54”x75” $449 Buy Now
QUEEN 6”x60”x80” $549 Buy Now
KING 6”x76”x80” $599 Buy Now
RV QUEEN 6”x60”x75” $549 Buy Now
LONG BOY 6”x38”x80” $449 Buy Now
LONG BOY DOUBLE 6”x54”x80” $499 Buy Now
WATERBED QUEEN 6”x58”x82” $549 Buy Now
WATERBED KING 6”x71”x83” $599 Buy Now
8″ Duke Mattress
SINGLE (TWIN) 8”x38”x75” $399 Buy Now
DOUBLE 8”x54”x75” $549 Buy Now
QUEEN 8”x60”x80” $599 Buy Now
KING 8”x76”x80” $799 Buy Now
RV QUEEN 8”x60”x75” $599 Buy Now
LONG BOY 8”x38”x80” $499 Buy Now
LONG BOY DOUBLE 8”x54”x80” $599 Buy Now
WATERBED QUEEN 8”x58”x82” $599 Buy Now
WATERBED KING 8”x71”x83” $799 Buy Now