Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Mattresses

The Foam King sells many varieties of foam, but they usually fall into these categories:

Polyurethane Foam 
Made from a by-product of the oil industry, polyurethane foam is available in a variety of densities (weights) and compressions (firmness). Each density of foam can be produced really soft, really firm or something in between.

Memory Foam

This type of foam was developed by NASA for use in the space shuttle. Foam mattress manufacturers recognized the benefits that this type of foam would add to sleeping comfort, and have developed special products to help those with back problems and other sleep issues. It responds to heat and pressure to conform to the body’s natural curves and provides support to the areas that need it most, such as the neck, back and hips. This response minimizes pressure points and therefore decreases tossing and turning when sleeping.

Latex Foam

Made of 100% pure Latex foam rubber from the sap of the rubber tree. Latex foam is a very high-quality natural product that is of a higher compression than polyurethane foam. As a result of the density, mattresses and pillows made with Latex foam will last for years to come.

The advantages of a foam mattress can be summed up by what the Foam King calls the “four C’s” – comfort,  cleanliness,  custom sizing, and cost. The quality or longevity of foam is determined by its density or weight, not firmness. Denser foam has thicker cell walls that stand up better to years of expansion and contraction.

  • Comfort: Foam mattresses are more comfortable because there are no pressure points against the body to cause discomfort. Foam is available in comfort levels of soft, medium and firm, the choice is yours. For couples, foam gives each partner individual body support. In addition, foam doesn’t allow motion to transfer from one side of the bed to the other. If one partner is having a restless night, the other can still sleep undisturbed.
  • Cleanliness: All foam mattresses sold by the Foam King are hypoallergenic. Due to the tight cell structure in foam, there is no place for dust mites and bedbugs to live in the mattress. Each Foam King mattress is covered with a zippered poly/cotton cover that can be easily removed for cleaning if necessary.
  • Custom Sizing: The Foam King is able to make a mattress custom-cut to any size, shape, or thickness. Replacement mattresses for Long-Haul truckers and RV owners are a special service we offer.
  • Cost: Foam’s simple construction means the cost of a mattress made of foam can be less than half of that of a traditional mattress. Admittedly there are some pretty inexpensive spring mattresses advertised for sale, but at what cost? How comfortable are they and how long will they last?

Bedbugs FAQ

Bedbugs are becoming more of a problem around the world and even in Edmonton. We have had many customers come into our location asking about bedbugs. We have created this page to answer your questions about bed bugs.

How to get rid of bedbugs?
If your home is infested with bedbugs, you will need to know how to get rid of bedbugs. The most important things when you are trying to get rid of bedbugs is patience and persistence. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find all bed bugs and all bed bug eggs; that is why the best solution is to hire a professional, experienced exterminator in Edmonton. If you decide to try to remove the bedbugs yourself, you will need a lot of hard work and patience. The hardest part is to find the bedbugs.

How to I find bedbugs?

When looking for a bedbug infestation, you want to look for the bugs themselves, dark spots of dried bed bug excrement, and the light-brown molted skins of the nymphs. Bed bugs are big enough to be seen, with a flat body and a reddish brown color. Bed bugs feed on their hosts’ blood at night and move quickly, hiding in cracks or crevices in and around the area where the host sleeps. Cracks, seams, and edges need to be carefully examined for any sign of the bedbugs. Headboards secured to walls should also be removed and inspected. In hotels and motels, the area behind the headboard is a good hiding place for the bed bugs. Once you have found the bed bugs, you will need to get rid of them by killing the bedbugs.

How to kill bedbugs?
The best way to kill bedbugs is to squash them. Hit the bedbugs with a hammer, step on them, whatever method you want to utilize to squash and kill the bedbugs. Other than squashing the bedbugs, you can kill them with heat; however, the bedbugs need be at heated to a temperature over 49 degrees celsius for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer.

How do I treat for bedbugs?

Bug bombs or bug foggers do NOT work. Never attempt to use a bug bomb or fogger as a bed bug treatment. In order to treat bedbugs, you need to find them and kill them. The best bed bug treatment is prevention. There are materials for your furniture and mattresses that will prevent and not allow bedbugs to ever infest your home. Bed bugs do not like plastic or metal, and would prefer wood. So for your next bed frame, consider metal or plastic instead of wood. Also, bed bugs are unable to live in foam mattresses.

Can bedbugs thrive in foam mattresses?
Bedbugs are becoming more and more of a problem in Canada and around the world, even here in Edmonton. We have had many customers in Edmonton come into The Foam King and ask about bedbugs. Foam Mattresses have a solid core and do not have space inside for the bedbugs to call home. Foam mattresses are an excellent preventative measure to reduce your chances of getting bedbugs. However, buying a new mattress will NOT get rid of bedbugs if you already have them. We tell our customers in Edmonton that if you have bedbugs, you should call an Edmonton Exterminator. If you don’t want to get bedbugs, then you can contact The Foam King, your Edmonton mattress store.

General FAQ

Does a foam mattress make you perspire?
No, a foam mattress will not make you perspire any more than a spring mattress will. Polyurethane foam is open-celled (breathable) and does not retain excess heat or cold.

I have a bad back, do I need a firm mattress to make my back feel better?
People very often confuse the words firm and hard. A hard mattress will not help a bad back. Our bodies have a curved shape to them. The mattress you sleep on should give at your shoulders and hips and fill in the hollows. The sign of a good mattress is, “when you lie on your side, your spine should be straight.” Most people, unless they are very heavy, only require a medium firm foam mattress. Come into our Foam Mattress store in Edmonton for more information.

Do I need a quilted cover on my foam mattress?
A quilted cover is not necessary on a foam mattress. Conventional spring mattresses require quilted covers because some padding is needed between you and the metal springs. All a quilted cover would do for a foam mattress is make it more expensive. Quilted covers cause problems for allergy sufferers because the quilted material is the ideal area for dust mites and bedbugs to live.

My partner and I have a problem sleeping in the same bed because he tosses and turns all night and keeps me awake in the process. Will a foam mattress help?
 All foam mattresses are like the “Bowling Ball Mattress” advertised on national TV by the big name spring mattress manufacturers. There is virtually no motion transfer from one side of a foam mattress to the other. Purchase your foam mattress at our Edmonton location, both of you will get a good night’s sleep “together”!

My partner and I always seem to roll to the center of the spring mattress on our bed. Will a foam mattress allow the same thing to happen?
No, it will not happen on a foam mattress. Each person sleeping on a foam mattress is individually supported. Come into the Foam King in Edmonton to try out your foam mattress options.

What is considered orthopedic foam?
Visco-cell (memory) foam and polyurethane foam that is convoluted (egg crated) are considered orthopedic products. Visco-cell foam has special properties that make it sensitive to heat and pressure. When you lie on it, it conforms to the shape of your body, eliminating pressure points. Convoluted or egg-crate foam acts like a pillow-top making a firm mattress softer to lie on. Many people with Fibromialgia and Scoliosis find that one of these products can give them much sought-after relief when trying to sleep. The Foam King carries many orthopedic mattresses in stock in Edmonton.

I have a round bed, can I get a foam mattress to replace the existing one?
Many people have odd sized mattress requirements. A foam mattress can be made to any size or shape.