Custom Cut Foam 

“We will match a competitors written quote on identical foam products!”

The Foam King has been selling foam to Edmonton and the surrounding area customers for over 20 years now. We offer a wide variety of Custom Cut Foam for various applications, including re-foaming furniture cushions, bench foam, headboard foam, costume foam, case lining foam, Arabic style floor cushions, soundproofing or acoustic foam and many others. We also carry closed cell foam, neoprene type foams, and even Dri-Fast foam which is good for outdoor applications. With two locations now to serve you, our large selection of Custom Cut Foams truly makes the Foam King “Your Home for Foam”. 

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What is the best type of custom cut foam for my project?

Often times the customer knows exactly what they are looking for, but sometimes in the creative process bouncing ideas back and forth is helpful.  We at the Foam King have been helping customers for years, and years, with their foam needs so we are a good resource to use when choosing your foam type.  We will do our best to solve your foam problem by showing you the foam type that best suits your project application.

How much does it cost?

All of our Custom Cut Foam is charged by the inch.  Each foam type has a different price point, which is usually determined by density, the denser foams having a higher price point.  We would need measurements of height, depth and width and the type of foam that you require in order to give you an exact price quote. Once you have chosen the foam type and dimensions you can place your order.  Payment is required prior to any cutting of custom foam and all custom cut foam orders are considered a Final Sale, so please be sure of your measurements.  If we do not have exactly what you need in stock at the time then we will have your foam order ready for pickup in two weeks time.  We will call you when your order is ready.

Should I bring a template?

A template for your project is always handy, as then we can ensure proper measuring for your projects.  When replacing the foam on your kitchen chairs the wooden base works well for getting the right size replacement foam.  If the size of your cut foam is really large and you need a template then tape together newspapers and cut out your shape from that.  We normally do not charge extra for cutting the foam to your template, except if large numbers of foam pieces are required. 

Can you sew covers for my Custom Cut Foam piece?

Yes!  We offer cover sewing services for your piece of foam, which usually includes a zipper to make the piece removable and thus washable, if required.  You can choose fabric from our selection of fabric books, which also include vinyl samples.  If you prefer, then feel free to bring in your own fabric.  We will help you determine the amount of fabric that you will need for the project.  Our sewing costs are charged by the linear foot and include the cost of the long zipper.  Fabric used is charged by the yard, or portion thereof.


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Looking for a Custom Cut Foam?

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