Costumes / Props Foam

The Foam King carries a large variety of Costume/Prop Foam for your creative side. We have different densities and types of foam including closed cell foam, which is great for engineered type products that require specific cutting and gluing together of pieces. 

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How much Costume/Props Foam will I need?

Having been in business now for over 20 years, the Foam King is proud to say that we have helped create many costumes and props in Edmonton and the surrounding province of Alberta.  When you come in with your idea we are able to show you our selection of Costume/Prop Foams and then help you interpret which type of foam is best for your project.  It helps if you have your dimensions with you, as our Costume/Prop Foam is sold by the inch so accurate measurements will save you money.

Can the Foam King help me with my project?

We can offer advise on proper foam gluing, cutting and painting techniques of the Costume/Prop Foam.  We also sell cans of a special glue to be used with foam.  Note that regular glue is not a good idea, as it tend to eat the foam over time.

What types of Costume/Props Foam do you have?

We carry a 1lb, 2lb and 3lb polyurethane foam which is available in a variety of textures.  We have neoprene type foams and closed cell foams that are great for cutting and piecing together like on the Iron Man costume pictured below.  We have memory foam and latex foam for when different textures, or densities are required. We also carry bags of foam chips/cubes.  We have made foam cubes of various sizes that make a great alternative to wooden blocks.  Teachers love them in the class room as they are quieter and much safer for stacking and demolishing of high towers!


        IMG_0647      Foam-O-lantern        Skittle Costume      Foam Costume 1

        turkey 011      006        FK Valentine      Craft Project XMas tree

Looking for a Custom Cut Foam?

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