cylinder2_bkgdCylinders of all sizes and dimensions can be provided by the Foam King. We have over 30 different types of foam and densities to choose from, so whatever your vision, or cylinder need, we can help. 

For the Do It Yourself types who are making their own pallet furniture, a lovely Cylinder shaped bolster can be used as the pillow behind your back, or as an arm rest at each end of your couch. 

A cylinder shaped pillow is also very popular with Moroccan style furniture.  The Foam King can also sew covers for these shaped pillows for you, with your own fabric, or from fabric we have available at our stores.

Of course Foam Cylinders can be used for various therapies, including Pilates exercises, rolling out of tense leg muscles, and stretching out the pectoral  muscles as you lay on your back on the cylinder.  For those of you that are taller please note that we can make a custom size cylinder to fit you perfectly.

The cost of a cylinder depends on the type of foam that you choose and the size you require.  Our foam is charged by the dimension of the foam piece in inches.  For a cylinder we would take measurements of the length, and the circumference, (plus one inch) to determine the total cost. We can have your Foam Cylinder made for you in approximately two weeks time from the order date. 

Call, or email with your desired measurements if you would like a quote, or better yet visit a Foam King location where you can see and touch the variety of foams available for you to choose from.