Furniture Cushions Foam Replacement

The Foam King, located in Edmonton, has two locations to assist you with replacing your worn out Furniture Cushions with new, more comfortable foam. We have been providing this service for over 20 years now.  Our large selection of foam densities (firmness) has helped to grow our business via word of mouth.  Happy customers tell their friends! 

If your furniture fabric is still great but the foam inside your cushions have lost their “umph” then come see the Foam King.  We provide cut foam, charged by the inch, for all of your cushion replacement needs.  We carry a 2lb high density foam in stock at our locations to serve you in thicknesses of 1″ up to 6″.  If our stock foam does not meet your cushion requirements then we can easily order whatever size foam pieces you need to fit your furniture cushions properly.  You can count on us to measure for the perfect fit and to ensure that you get the proper density of quality foam for years of good sitting.

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How do I get my furniture cushions re-foamed?

It is best to bring in the actual cushions for us to measure, with the covers still on the old foam.  This helps us to get precise measurements for the new replacement foam. Our foam is billed by the inch and by the type of foam that you choose.  We normally recommend a 2lb polyurethane high density foam for furniture cushion foam replacement.  It is firm enough to offer the correct amount of support and longevity, but not so firm that it is uncomfortable. However, you have many other options to choose from if you prefer a different feel to your cushions.  After we have measured your cushions and you have chosen your foam type your order is placed and payment is taken. 

What if my Furniture Cushions are an odd shape, or have buttons on them?

The Foam King will use your original cushion as a template to ensure an accurately sized replacement piece of foam is cut.  If your cushion has buttons on it there is a small extra charge per button, but we can still replace the foam.

What about that fluffy white stuff that is on my old foam?

Some furniture cushions, have a thin white layer of bonded poly surrounding the foam. The main purpose of bonded poly is to help give the cushion a more “full and rounded” look as opposed to a straight edged piece of foam. If the look you’re going for is more modern or you aren’t interested in adding bonded poly, then we can definitely complete the order without it. We do however recommend getting bonded poly on your replacement foam if it exists on your current foam.

How much will Furniture Cushion foam cost and how long does it take?

The cushion size, density of foam you choose, use of bonded poly, possibility of vacuum packing*, replacement of buttons, and if you decide you want us to do the re-stuffing will determine the overall cost of your order. If you’ve chosen foam that we do not carry in stock, we would order it for you directly from our manufacturer. The same condition applies if the replacement foam you require is larger than our available stock foam. There are NO EXTRA CHARGES for custom ordering the pieces; the only downside is a maximum wait time of two weeks. In this two week period you may take your cushions home and once the replacement foam has arrived we would call you to bring them in. You’re more than welcome to leave the cushions with us if you don’t want to make an extra trip.

Once the new foam has arrived we will call you to come in and pick up your foam, if you have opted to do the re-stuffing yourself.  If you prefer, for a minimal fee per cushion, we will wrestle the new foam into the cover and dispose of the old foam for you!  We would then call you when they are ready to be picked up. If you would like to keep your old foam please let us know, otherwise we will dispose of it.

*Vacuum packing is required when the covers you want the foam placed into have short or obscure zipper placements; this would be determined once we’ve seen the cushion cover.


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