Hip Cushions


Hip Cushions

The Foam King now has two locations in Edmonton to assist those that need Hip Cushions.  We have been recommended for over 20 years by many Hip Surgeon’s, and their clinics, as the place to go for a quality Hip Cushion. We offer a cloth covered Hip Cushion, or a Vinyl covered Hip Cushion for sale.  Each is made from the highest quality foam to ensure longevity and proper support for the patient.

A Hip Cushion enables patients recovering from hip surgery to keep their hips at a 90 degree angle while sitting and to rise more easily from any chair, including wheelchairs. High-density foam provides comfort and reduces pressure.

SIZE: 4” X 18″ X 18″

CARE: Covered with a zippered fabric or vinyl cover for easy cleaning when necessary.

COST: Fabric $63.00. Vinyl $75.00.