Knee Bolster


Knee Bolster

The Foam King in Edmonton carries a variety of Knee Bolster sizes to accommodate various leg lengths.  Visit either of our store locations to determine which height of Knee Bolster will work best for you.  The Knee Bolster was designed by a physiotherapist to help patients with lower back problems. It is placed under the knees while the patient lies on his or her back, and when properly fitted to slightly elevate the feet, helps to relieve pressure in the lower spine and hip area.

8”, 9”, 10” and 11” heights to accommodate different leg lengths and body sizes.

Covered with a zippered-on poly/cotton cover for easy cleaning when necessary.

8″ Bolster $65.00
9″ Bolster $72.00
10″ Bolster $79.00
11″ Bolster $85.00