Custom Cut Orthopedic

We can custom cut orthopedic foam products for you.  Items like custom wheel chair foam pads, foam bed rails, foam body pillows, custom wedges and cylinders are some of the special requests that we have made for our customers.  If a special piece, or design of foam is what you think will help you feel more comfortable then we at the Foam King would like to help.

What is the process for a Custom Cut Orthopedic product?

Bring your request, or idea to any Foam King location and we will co-create with you.  You can pick out the type of foam that best suits your project and then give us the dimensions.  If we do not have your foam type and size in stock then we immediately send the order off to our manufacturer.  It usually arrives in under two weeks.  At that time we will do any modifications that you require, such as extra gluing and piecing together of the foam. 

What if my Custom Cut Orthopedic product needs a cover?

Having a cover on any piece of foam will ensure the longevity of the product and is a wise idea.  At the Foam King we will sew you a custom cover out of the fabric that you choose from our selection.  We also have a variety of vinyl fabrics that will assist in keeping your foam product dry if needed.  Most of our covers include a zipper for easy removal and washing.  The cost of the cover is determined by the overall size and complexity of the piece of foam to be covered and the fabric that you choose.

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