RV Cushions

RV Cushions re-foamed at the Foam King

RV Cushions can be replaced with new, more comfortable foam at The Foam King. We have been serving Edmonton and area customers with their RV Cushion needs for over 20 years now.  We have a large selection of foam densities (Firmness) to choose from at our two locations.  Visit a showroom now to get your RV Cushion foam replaced and enjoy the camping season to the fullest. 

The Foam King understands the duel purpose your RV Cushions serve; sitting and sleeping.  Therefore, getting the right type of foam is crucial.  The Foam King staff can assist you with foam recommendations suited to these needs. We can take care of all the messy work of removing the old foam and re-stuffing your new cushion foam for a small fee, or you can wrestle with it yourself.  The choice is yours!

How do I get my cushions re-foamed?

We prefer you to bring in the actual cushions for us to measure, with the covers still on the old foam.  This ensures that we get an accurate measurement for the new replacement foam. Our foam is charged by the inch and by the type of foam that you choose.  We normally recommend a 2lb density foam which is comfortable for sleeping but also has the firmness you would expect for sitting on too.  Most RV cushions need to serve this dual purpose so it is important to get the right density of foam.

What if I need new RV Cushion covers too?

The Foam King offers sewing services for your RV cover needs.  Many people have bought, or inherited an older RV and want to freshen it up before their family uses it.  You may choose from our fabric selection, or bring in your own fabric from another source.  Either way we will sew you beautiful new covers that can be easily unzipped for washing. 

What if my RV Cushions are an odd shape, or have buttons on them?

Working with your original cushion as a template the Foam King will ensure an accurately sized replacement piece of foam is cut.  If your cover has buttons on it there is a small extra charge per button, but we can still replace the foam.

How long will it take to get my cushions completed?

Once your order has been placed there is usually a maximum wait time of two weeks for your order to be completed.  This includes the sewing of new covers, if required.  We understand that the camping season is short in Alberta and we do our best to stick to this timeline.  Please help us by planning ahead and bring your RV cushions to us weeks before you plan to leave on your holidays.  This ensures a stress free kick off to your vacation plans!

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