Say “Yes” to Foam Mattresses

“We will match a competitors written quote on identical foam products!”

Over the past 20 years the Foam King has worked hard to educate the Edmonton and area public on the benefits of foam mattresses and more and more people are choosing to purchase one.  We offer regular Foam Mattresses, and specialty mattresses like Latex Mattresses, and Memory Mattresses. The popularity of foam has increased over the years to the point that even major mattress and department stores have developed their own brand of foam mattress.  However, at the Foam King, Foam Mattresses always have been, and always will be our specialty.  We have the largest selection of foam types and densities available for the customer that is concerned about quality and longevity in their new foam mattress, with ‘No Springs Attached”. Visit either of our locations to select the Foam Mattress that is the most comfortable for you. 

Regular Foam Mattress Types:

1) The Duke Foam Mattress – Medium

The 2lb high density Duke Foam Mattress is our most popular mattress due to its great price point and medium firmness level.  It is wonderful for adults and children alike to sleep on.  Not too firm and not too soft, but just right!  It can very easily be made in a variety of dimensions with a custom cover. The removable zippered poly cotton cover makes it a breeze for washing. 

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2) The Duchess Foam Mattress – Soft

For those that prefer a SOFTER foam mattress the Duchess is the perfect mattress for you.  The 2lb high density foam core is surrounded by convoluted foam (egg crate), which was made popular many years ago for patients using hospital beds.  The convoluted foam was invented originally to cure bedsores in patients by allowing air to circulate between the patient and the mattress.  The end result not only made recovery faster for the patient but they were more comfortable too!

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3) The Knight Foam Mattress – Firm

For those that prefer a very firm foam mattress the Knight Foam Mattress will keep you well supported. We also recommend it for those that are bigger in stature and weight over 270lbs.  Made with a 3lb density foam, the Knight Foam Mattress will help to keep your spine in a proper horizontal alignment for a great nights sleep. 

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Why buy a Foam King mattress?

We like to say that our mattresses come with “No springs attached!” and it is true.  They are complete foam from top to bottom, with no inexpensive coil system involved.  Complete foam ensures that you are getting the maximum pressure relieving qualities from our quality foam.  Think about it!  A spring is a straight piece of metal that is formed into a coil.  The coils natural reaction is to straighten; and that is what it does.  All night while you are sleeping, the coil is trying to unwind and straighten, and as it does so, it’s shoving up into your body creating pressure points.  Some manufacturers try to disguise this fact with a few inches of foam laid over top of the coil system, but eventually you will be feeling the springs! 

Why are some foam mattresses more expensive than others?

More people are enjoying a good night’s sleep because of foam’s popularity.  The only downside is that it’s becoming more difficult to convince people that all foams are not created equal.  You only get what you pay for, and sometimes – cheaper is not better.  Foam is made like a big batch of cookie dough.  Every manufacturer has its own recipe.  The Foam King mattresses are made from Certipur foam, which means the foam ingredients have met with strict North American standards.  If you walk into any Foam King location, which is full of foam products, you will notice that there is no chemical odor at all.  The foam is not off gassing with unhealthy fumes.  Much of the cheaper foam that is available in Canada now has been manufactured off shore.  This means there have been no regulations in place to ensure that what has gone into the foam recipe is safe for you to lay your head on while you sleep.

Foam is foam, right?

Wrong!  A lot of people think of the camping “foamies” they slept on as kids when you first mention a foam mattress to them.  They don’t realize the vast difference between types of foam and good quality foam, such as that found in our mattresses.  Foam’s quality is determined by its density and weight, not firmness.  Denser foam has thick cell walls that stand up better to years of expansion and contraction.  Having been in the foam mattress business for over 20 years, we are just now starting to see happy repeat customers coming to replace their 15 – 17 year old Foam King mattresses.  Superior foam means a superior mattress!

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