Crib Mattresses

crib-mattress-pictureThe type of foam that your baby sleeps on is very important to you, and to the Foam King!  You want only the best, clean foam, with no off-gas, which is why all of our crib mattresses are made from CertiPUR clean foam.  It is the highest standard of foam available in North America, which is why it is the only type of foam that we sell.

Of course a Foam King mattress will also be hypoallergenic, as no dust mites can live in the closed cell structure of the foam.  So for allergy sufferers and sensitive new born babies this is a plus. 

Besides being of such fine quality foam it is important that a babies mattress is the perfect density.  We have had customers requesting memory foam mattresses for their babies, and although they are very comfortable for adults, for a small child they can be DANGEROUS.  They are too soft for babies and the dangers of suffocation are real.  We strive to educate our customers about all things foam, and we want what is best for their children too.  We recommend a 2 Lb. High Density foam for Crib Mattresses, as it offers the proper support and comfort level for small children.

A Foam King Crib Mattress will bring comfort and many nights of blissful sleep for your new bundle of joy. Ok, the comfort part is true, but the many nights of blissful sleep depends on the baby!

Standard 4” x 28” x 52”.
Custom sizing is also available; please call for a price quote.

Each cover is zippered for easy removal and washing. Vinyl Cover is cleaned by sponging off with warm, soapy water. The Poly Cotton Cover is machine washable.

$159.00 Poly Cotton Cover
$175.00 Linen Colored Vinyl Cover

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