Dog Beds

At the Foam King we understand that your dog is a part of the family and therefore need their own dog bed.   We use quality foam so that your pet will get many years of comfort.  Bring us your measurements to either of our two Edmonton locations and we can help you pick out a new piece of foam to insert into the cover that you have, or start from scratch making the Dog Bed of your dreams.

Custom Dog Beds

At the Foam King we can make a custom Dog Mattress for your pet. To begin it is important to understand that “custom” does not mean “hugely expensive” at the Foam King!  We assist you in picking out the right density and thickness of foam for your dog.  The foam chosen depends a lot on the weight of your dog.  Then you can either chose a quality fabric from our selection, or bring in your own fabric for us to sew  a cover. Our Dog Mattress covers are made with a zipper for easy removal and washing.  Although we have some standard mattress shapes that we will recommend, we are open to your plans and visions for the finished product.

Other Dog Products

  1. Foam Steps for your older pets that need assistance getting up onto the furniture or bed.  With, or without a cover.
  2. Vehicle Foam Mats for dogs comfort and safety.  Foam is used to fill in the gaps that the back seat has when it is lowered.  Please bring in your measurements.

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