Big Rig Mattresses

Most Big Rig Mattresses are an odd size.  Therefore finding a quality replacement mattress is difficult and very often expensive, with a long wait time due to the custom dimensions.  At the Foam King we can have a foam mattress cut to your specific dimensions, covered in a custom poly cotton washable cover, ready for you within approximately 72 hours.  We have even been known to have them ready to go on the same day, when our customers are experiencing a time crunch.

What type of Foam is normally used?

We recommend a 2lb polyurethane foam, which we use in our Duke Mattresses.  This is our “go to” product line for much of our custom work, as it combines quality and price point very well.  However, any of our foam mattresses can be custom sized for your truck.  We even have a 3lb foam mattress that is great for you bigger guys, or if you prefer a firm mattress. 

Can you ship me my Big Rig Mattress?

Yes, we can ship your mattress anywhere in North America.  We have even shipped to Alaska!  Or if you have a buddy passing through Edmonton they can pick it up for you at either of our locations.  If you know the type of foam that you would like us to make your mattress from just call our 1-800 number with your measurements, destination address and pay by credit card.  It will be on its way shortly!


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