Gel Memory Foam Mattresses 

“We will match a competitors quote on identical foam products!”

The Foam King has been helping Edmonton customers sleep great on a Memory Foam Mattress for over 20 years.  Memory foam offers enhanced sleeping comfort by conforming to the shape of the sleeping body and minimizing pressure points that cause stiff and aching joints in the morning.  Over the years technology has advanced many products and memory foam is one of them.  Although Foam King customers loved the comfort of their memory foam mattress they sometimes found them too warm, due to the extreme density of Memory foam.  To address this problem Cooling Gel Memory foam was created.  Gel Memory foam has become the latest buzzword for customers looking for better sleeping comfort from their mattress. Like its name states there are now cooling gel particles throughout the Foam King memory foam mattresses that keep the foam temperature comfortable, yet do not detract from the foams incredible pressure relieving qualities.  Problem solved at the Foam King!

Why choose a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

When shopping for a Gel Memory Foam Mattress customers should look at the foams weight and where it was manufactured.  Weight indicates its quality because better quality memory foam will be heavier.  Where the product is made can also be an indicator of quality.  Canadian, or North American made products are manufactured with better quality foam than similar products imported from Asia.  Heat, humidity and the altitude where it was manufactured can affect its feel or comfort and the longevity of the gel memory foam.  Foam King Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are all manufactured in Canada.

What are the benefits of a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Foam King memory foam mattresses use body temperature and pressure to conform to the body’s natural curves to provide support and minimize pressure on sensitive areas such as the neck, shoulders and knees.  This personalized support offers enhanced comfort and a better night’s sleep because the body doesn’t feel the need to turn as often, so sleep is less interrupted. The Gel Memory Foam Mattress feels soft to the touch and immediately conforms to your unique body shape.  It is like your mattress gently hugs you as you lay down for a great nights sleep.