mattress toppers

Mattress Toppers

The Foam King in Edmonton has a large selection of Mattress Toppers for you to choose from, including Latex Toppers and Memory Foam Toppers.  Many consumers have invested a lot of money for a “top of the line” conventional spring mattress but can’t sleep on it because it’s too firm. For a case like this, the Foam King recommends a mattress topper to improve the comfort level of the mattress, without the need to purchase a new one. Anyone considering the purchase of a topper should realize that it can help make a hard mattress softer, but a topper cannot help a worn out mattress give better support. 

What types of Foam Toppers does the Foam King sell?

We offer a variety of Foam Mattress Toppers including Latex Foam, Memory Foam and Convoluted (egg crate) Foam toppers.  Each of these toppers will soften your mattress considerably.  It is just a matter of you laying on each one in either of our two showrooms to determine which is the best match for your comfort level and budget. Remember the Foam King only uses top quality foam in all of their Mattress Toppers, to guarantee the Mattress topper will give excellent comfort for many years to come.