Your Home For Foam  

The Foam King is the place to shop for all of your foam products.  For over 20 years we have been serving the foam needs of Edmonton and surrounding Alberta customers.  We offer quality foam products and foam mattress customization.

Foam Mattresses

We can help you with your foam mattress needs including latex and memory foam mattresses. Visit a show room to test out the variety of foam mattresses available.  From a very firm, to a very soft foam mattress and everything in between, your comfort preferred foam density can be found at the Foam King.  All our foam mattresses provide virtually no motion transfer when co-sleeping, are hypoallergenic and resistant to bed bugs.  Foam King mattresses meet strict North American Certipur standards for consumer quality control and come with zippered, washable covers.  Custom Foam mattress sizing is available, even round shaped mattresses, with only a two week waiting period.

Foam Toppers

If your present mattress is too firm, a foam mattress topper will make it more comfortable.  A Latex Topper, Memory Foam Topper, or Convoluted Foam (egg crate shaped) Topper can transform your mattress from firm to just right.

Foam Pillows

The right foam pillow for your body shape and preferred sleeping position is essential to a good nights sleep.  The Foam King will help you find that perfect foam pillow, by allowing you to test them out, while laying on a foam mattress in our showrooms.

RV Foam Mattresses & Services

For your RV needs we offer custom sized foam mattresses for all sleeping areas.  You can choose from a variety of foam densities, or firmness levels, to meet your mattress requirements.  If you need to replace worn out cushion foam in your RV we can assist you.  We can also sew you new covers. 

Foam Healthcare Products & Wedges

We also carry healthcare related foam products like knee bolsters, hip cushions, knee bones and foam wedges.  Custom foam requests are our specialty, including custom sized wedges. After hip surgery it is mandatory to use a Hip Cushion while seated to ensure proper recovery.  Cloth, or Vinyl covered Hip Cushion’s are available.

Custom Cut Foam Services

We offer a variety of cut foam types and densities that can be used for furniture cushion foam replacement.  Bring your measurements, or the actual cushions to be replaced, and we will measure them for you for an accurate fit.  You have a choice for the re-stuffing of the new ordered foam into your cushions, either doing it yourself, or for a small fee we will wrestle the new foam into the covers and then dispose of the old foam.

For your foam soundproofing needs we have a selection of foam bass traps and sheets of black soundproofing foam.  Case lining foam for instruments, guns and anything else that you might need protected is available. For the DIY’s who need foam for costumes and other craft projects there are all types of foam to choose from at the Foam King.  


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