RV Mattresses

RV Mattresses

“We will match a competitors written quote on identical foam products!”

For over 20 years now the Foam King has been improving Edmonton and area RV Mattress sleeping conditions. Customers have been telling their family and friends about what great RV Mattresses we sell.  Now come visit one of our two showrooms and see for yourself!

We can custom cut, and cover any foam mattress you choose from our showroom to fit your trailer, boat and cabin needs.  Our best seller for RV’s is called The Duke Mattress. Made from High Density 2lb foam it is easily transformed to any size or shaped mattress that you need in your RV.  It offers years of wear due to the great quality of foam used in the mattress and the protection offered by the washable poly/cotton cover.  A great fit for sleep comfort while camping in any sort of environment. 

What if my RV Mattress is a not a regular size?

This is often the case, so it is important to visit our showroom with your mattress measurements in hand.  Make sure to also assess what thickness of foam mattress your RV can handle so that cupboards can easily be opened and not rub against the top of the mattress.  Armed with your measurements the next step is to choose which type of RV Foam Mattress best suits your comfort level and your budget.  We have found that most customers prefer our Duke mattress which can’t be beat for price point and comfort level, but the choice is yours.

How long will it take?

We provide a VERY quick turn around time, from purchase to pick up, so you can get out there and make the most of your summer holidays.  Usually within two weeks of placing your RV Mattress order you will be ready to hit the road!  Please be aware of this time allotment so that you are not disappointed prior to leaving on your vacation.  We do however carry RV Queen Duke mattresses in stock in an 8″ or 6″ thickness.  Most RV Queen mattresses measure 60″ X 73″ to 75″. 

My RV Mattress has corners missing on it?

For those of you with strange shaped RV mattresses, including the Alberta Shaped mattress (Shaped like the province of Alberta) please follow this highlighted link that explains how to properly measure your mattress:

RV Mattress Measurement Guide Here.

Bring your measurements in and we will custom cut a mattress for you, which can also come with a custom zippered poly/cotton washable cover.


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