Foam King Pillows

At the Foam King we let you test a memory foam, or latex foam pillow, while laying on a bed. Yes, a bed! Having sold foam pillows to the Edmonton area customers for over 20 years now, we know that standing in a store aisle and squeezing a pillow in your hands usually only accomplishes one thing: You buying another pillow that does not work for you! Come visit either of our Foam King locations to find the “perfect” pillow that will last many years because of the great quality foam it is manufactured from.

How do I know this latex foam, or memory foam pillow is the right one?

At the Foam King we will help you find the perfect fit for your upper body shape. No two necks are the same, especially when you add in different shoulder widths and weights. All of these factors need to be considered when you choose a pillow.

How to test the foam pillow?

It is best to be laying down on a bed when you are looking for a new pillow. Holding the pillow up next to your ear, while you are standing in the shopping aisle, does NOT work. Yes, we have all done this, but not anymore. At the Foam King we bring sample pillows to you, while you are laying on the bed. We place them under your neck and then visually check your spine for proper horizontal alignment. The proper spine alignment is crucial for a pain free neck in the morning.

How does my sleep position affect my foam pillow choice?

The goal in choosing the right pillow for you is to have your spine perfectly horizontal in the position that you like to sleep in. Therefore the pillow must fit correctly in your neck and shoulder gap, while you are in your most common sleeping position. A side sleeper needs different support then someone that always sleeps on their back. If you do both positions during the night this also needs to be taken into consideration, while you are testing the pillows. If you are a stomach sleeper we can help you find the perfect pillow to hug.

Which type of foam pillow is best for me?

We offer a variety of foam types in our pillows, including memory foam and latex, as well as different shapes, sizes and densities. This is where your personal preference helps determine the pillow for you. Some prefer the more solid contoured pillows and others want that huge “puffy” feel to their pillow. Working with your preferences and making sure that your spine is happy too, all combine to give you that perfect pillow. You know, the one that you take with you whenever you travel!

How long will this memory foam pillow or latex foam pillow last?

Many of us think we have found the perfect pillow, only to have it die on us a short time later, and then we are back to square one. The Foam King pillows are made to last, and when we say last, we mean LAST, like years and years and years! We use the best quality foam and latex in our pillows and as a result they keep their shape, fluffiness and support for a long time.

What if I have allergies or like things clean?

Foam King pillows are hypoallergenic. No dust mites can live in foam. Plus each Foam King pillow has a zippered, washable cover that you can remove for washing. If you feel the need to freshen your pillow you can also remove the cover and then place the foam pillow into a large garbage bag. Gather the end of the bag and close it with an elastic band.Then attach this to a vacuum nozzle, creating a seal. Turn the vacuum on and suck the air out of the bag, and the pillow. Once this is done and the pillow looks compressed inside the bag, stop the vacuum and remove the pillow. Place the pillow outside so that as it expands back to its original shape it will refill each cell in the foam with fresh air!

What if I can’t find the perfect pillow?

At the Foam King we can custom make a pillow just for you. You let us know what measurements and foam type you want and we will make it for you. It might take a few weeks to be completed but it will be worth waiting for!

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